About Me

Hello, I'm Colicia!

 I am an actress and photographer from Dorset, currently based in London.

Photography is one of my biggest passions, and over the years I've found my main focus has brought me to film stills, unit photography, headshots and promotional work. As a film actress and crew member, I adore being on set and everything involved to make it tick. This sparked my strong passion for stills photography and capturing moments with the crew and cast. I look to do a lot more of this photography this year.

With promotional photography I aim to get the most out of your personal brand, or company. I love collaborating and creating something unique and memorable of a place or moment. Whether this be a location, model or a  brand.

I can be flexible to your needs and can provide a wide array of images and fast turn around with edits. 

Feel free to shoot me a message and we can discuss what you're after and I can provide you with a quote.

Speak soon x

Contact Me

Danny, Actor

Colicia is a fantastic photographer who works primarily with natural light.
After an initial five minutes where I was a little wooden, she was able to make me completely relax.
Being outside brought fresh elements to the moment too, which added a really nice touch to some of the photos.
Definitely want more headshots from Colicia in the future and would love to model different characters for her too!
Would highly recommend, particularly with her current pricing offer - which is amazing for a two hour shoot.

Alaina, Actor

Thank you so much for my new headshots! You would never tell we shot these in my back garden!
Now to send them off to some Casting Directors!!

Ella, Illustrator

I'm not use to being in front of the camera, and I always find it super awkward and uncomfortable- but I needed some images of me for a new website I was building. Colicia managed to make me relax into it and gave me confidence in myself. We spent as long as I needed to get various styles done and I love the final images! I still use them everywhere!

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